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That's an impressive display Rob.
What I did find significant about it, was your statement "the ones in the black are 5's, I was fiddling and playing with position".
I assume that having sorted your position to a point of satisfaction, you then shot the 10/20&40 shot groups in the white areas.
Which supports Simon's premise about the exercise of shooting indoors, in a benign/neutral environment.

As a result of this whole discussion, I have concluded that I really do need to put a lot more effort and time into making this 'shooting thing' work in my favour. I have to accept that I have, so far, been sitting on the fence by shooting only when I feel like it; shooting a comp, but with the prime objective of being amongst people I enjoy spending time with; placing the emphasis of participating on 'my health and well-being'.
I do, as Simon and others have said, need to commit. And not just when I'm sitting/kneeling/standing at a lane.
In fairness to people who put themselves out for me, [as well as for myself] I need to 'up-the-anté considerably.

I have enjoyed the satisfaction of the last two days at Sywell, because I have made a determined effort - and I have seen the results of that work. I can see now that there needs to be more of that sort of commitment. Many people during the last year have encouraged me to enjoy my shooting. But I must confess that I most enjoy it when I have the satisfaction of progress and a 'job-well-done'. In a sense the score is almost incidental to that, but actually, it does reasonably accurately reflect the application and commitment. The banter, humour and camaraderie would then be a magnificent bonus to the day, rather than the total outcome.

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