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Wink my Goal

Originally Posted by Big Si View Post
Coaching mate, if you are really serious about taking it further, find one and you'll be laughing!

I'm not "really serious about taking it further", in the sense of going anywhere with it, Si.
I am starting at an age where many people are thinking, if not saying, 'I'm not as good as I used to be'.
I'm primarily doing it for quite obscure reasons, related to my health and well-being.
However, I'm prepared to put as much work and effort into it, as is necessary for me to achieve my goals.

However, I do want to improve. And I believe that I have the potential to be a lot better than I am at present.
I suspect that I will never be a good shot; but I would like to feel that I'm amongst my shooting peers, rather than everyone else being in the next county.
I have been warmly admitted into the shooting fraternity, and I do appreciate that very much. But would like to be able to consistently shoot around a course with a little more dignity, than I do so at the moment.

And I do have access to a very proficient coach: a good shot and fast becoming a very good friend.
And since I been under his tutelage, I have improved significantly.
My target is to get from being a C Grade to B Grade. If I can accomplish that I will be satisfied.
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