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I posted 2 lengthy replies on this a week or so ago and then deleted them as I didn't feel qualified/experienced enough to be talking about FT shooting when there are far better shooters giving advice.

I do wonder though about talent ... and people being able to be coached to do something etc. Maybe it's not talent but some sports require basic natural ingredients. Certain athletes need a certain physique and natural fast twitch fibres etc. Mental strength and desire are also an important ingredient.

The table tennis example is a good one but you just can't coach everything. I posted the example last week about the English cricket board's circus in the 80's to 'manufacture' a fast bowling squad to equal the West Indians. They asked anyone in England who was young, tall and slim and interested, to join a coaching scheme. The very best coaches in the world worked with these guys to train them to be fast bowlers. The scheme fell flat on it's ar5e.

The guy with the daughters who became chess champs. He eliminated physical requirements there. The girls were going to inherit a high level of intelligence and he trained that intelligence to play chess. We've got knuckle draggers in Stoke that lock the loo door and then take a dump before pulling their pants down. Try coaching them to become chess champs.

You can't teach a pig to play the flute. I've spent hours coaching lads that really really want to be good cricketers. They love the game and they buy all the right gear and they try really hard in the nets. You can help improve them but you can't take them beyond their level. Other lads who may be sons of good players are bone idle and don't want to listen but they easily outperform the first poor lad who is trying his best. Some have the perfect physique and skill but in the middle, on Saturday, when it's showtime, they have the mental strength of a trifle ... and fail. You need basic ingredients and then it's hard work and good coaching to get the best out of those ingredients.

Try coaching a dwarf to be Olympic high jump champion.

So what do shooters need? I'm not the best to ask but there will be basic ingredients and then loads of hard work to make the most of them.

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