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I totally agree. I've gone a bit statto in my last post but that really isn't me. I'm bored to death of waiting for my health to pick up, my 77 to come back from the smith and for it to stop raining so I can go shoot something. I just posted the stats whilst the thread was talking about pcp/spring.

I just want/need more for my Sunday morning shoot than the best looking numbers on a card. That's why I've always shot springers. That's why I've stuck with 30/30 ret in HFT. I enjoy looking at the target and using trees etc to count the range and then just aim over or under. I never went for the half mil dots and bracketing and apps etc. I have this image of a guy shooting HFT lying in a wood on a range mat, with a full on, fully adjustable, alloy target rifle rested on the floor/glove, expensive multi aim point scope on top and lying next to him on the mat is his 'computer' telling him where to aim.

However ... if that's what lifts yer frock then I'm 100% behind folk doing what they want with their money and their time ... just not for me ta.

I've started having a go at FT and I'm already buggerin about in that ... shooting loads kneeling and guessing range etc.

There's that little voice that says ... " Go on ... buy some top end kit and give it a proper go and see how you do ". Maybe I'm just a coward and too scared to find out that I'm not really that good. It's nice and safe here sitting behind the " Well I'm only having a bit of fun with an old springer " fence.

I suppose I've spent most of my life competing as hard as I could in my main sport. So shooting has been something I do just for fun. Come to think about it ... I've probably always come across far more competitive on the internet boards than I ever am on a course. Boredom I reckon. It's my annual New Year's resolution ... talk less b0ll0x and shoot more. You know what happens to resolutions.

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