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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post

Simo Aryes should write a book on FT , I`d buy it.

I read this (editied) with interst last week.

"The most important thing you can have is enthusiasm. This currency can be traded for improvement.
I happen to agree about what you say about talent. It’s nonsense. Mathew Syad’s book ‘Bounce’ makes a particularly compelling argument against the existence of talent. ....another example he explains that 20-odd years ago almost all of the England table tennis team came from the Reading area. This was because there was a great club there with good coaches, one of whom worked at a local school. Nothing to do with talent.
Talent is a word that gets used to describe skill. Skill is hard won, the outside observer doesn’t see the work, they see the skill, which can have a magical quality, and the skill is then called talent.
Ronnie O’Sullivan is continually called ‘’naturally talented’’. What absolute rubbish. He’s devastated when he misses a ball after back to back centuries. He’s almost literally mad for it. He is still trying to improve, he used to practise so hard that he would play all night. To say he’s naturally talented is to short change the effort he’s made over the last 30-odd years. He’s driven and sets his own standards. He’s un naturally talented. His real gift is in his love for the sport and his insatiable desire to play a perfect game. He wasn’t born with that skill. We all get to enjoy the fruits of his labours when we watch him tear it up, marvellous.
For our little hobby I’d say try to find a place where you can shoot indoors at 25 plus yards and develop a baseline position from which you can shoot very tight groups. The perfect conditions will filter out other influences and allow you to concentrate on the arrangement of your limbs and the adjustment of your gun. Concentrate on finding effortless stability. Take this position outside.
Once you get outside you can never be certain of the right place to aim or the precise range of the target. What you can do is utterly commit to a (uncertain) choice.
Compounding an uncertain choice with a lacklustre shot will not help. Absolutely commit to going right edge/50 yards (or whatever) even if you are far from certain whether that’s the right thing to do. Even if you miss (be it high, low, left or right) you will have a crystal clear notion of what you did, something to work backwards from; just having a vague punt when uncertain will seldom improve your chances on the next shot. And when you do take the shot shut out the uncertainty over your choices; just execute."

It got me thinking about my misses sunday. Not so much the long 47m one I missed for wind, that was a good shot, committed to but ever so slightly out on wind estimation. Nor the poor release of the kneeler to some extent, that was just a poor release. Though i can say i was not concentraiting "Fully" with the Blobby Vulture behind me

It is the first first miss of the day @ 40m, hardly any wind that had me thinking after reading Simon's post.
I had half convinced myslef that miss was due to a change in pellet flight / clicks since starting to size my pellets.
Proved that to be absalute rubbsh today with the set up plates out from 10 -50m. All clicks spot on, hardly any wind produced pellet after pellet hitting the line, including 40m!

So i took a zero board in sheltered conditions out to 22m and did a 5 shot string. I was not particually still today, probably not helped by a load of sugar in my tea. however, this was the result

Then i did this.

First 3 shots into the centre. shot 4 however flew right. Head up i looked round for the guilty Gust, of course there was none.
So i thaught about what i did in the shot that was wrong. The thing is i could not remember, as I had not been concentrating and was in some sort of day dream. Stil cant remember what it was I was thinking about but it showed how the lack of concentration costs, or can? 5th shot went through the centre again.

Concentrating, and thinking every aspect of the shot through I then did a 10 shot group which was ok, but with out dought it proves how concentration, or lack of it can be costly even at a fairly short range, let alone 40 or 50 m!

So my thaught of the day is this, the really good ft shots, Calps, Ozzy and Gilly, they must be fully committed on every shot and perhaps it expalins why they win the championships not just once, but time after time in various comps?
I guess you can see it in Gilly's photos, it means that much to him when every shot means Fisher is pumped, again. i must try it at Purly Chase!
Your problem is....having the misfortune of shooting with you in the past, leading up to you shooting a waffle on to mutch, id put it down to nerves.....and a total lack of concentration...keep trying though, im sure you will improve in the
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