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For those who may be interested, I've tracked the 2013 scores in our region for three HFT shooters who normally shoot both springer and PCP on the same course on the same day and to the same rules. So this is hopefully taking technical ability and rangefinding out of the equation.

I'll call them A B and C...... to spare their blushes.

The following scores are their actual points scored, the first number is with a spring gun, and the second number is with the PCP. This is for seven rounds of the 2013 league.

Shooter A: 62/73; 50/56; 51/52; 42/50; 44/53; 57/61; 54/48. Note his score at the last shoot was better with the spring gun; I think this was due to a real change in the weather between the two sessions.

Shooter B: 63/70; 61/73; 54/59; 48/56; 51/54; 48/63; 51/55

Shooter C: 43/69 (!); 64/67; 48/52; 42/37; 50/51; 49/48. This chap only did six rounds. The last result was on the same day as shooter A did better with the springer.

Not all courses are the same size. Some are 30 target and others 40 target.
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