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Default Sywell

I've been very fortunate and had two splendid days at Sywell - yesterday and today.
Yesterday was forecast to be foggy; and whilst it was misty early in the morning, by 10am it had burned off and it was a clear [and by Sywell standards] windless day. Cold but clear.
Today has been beautiful. Relatively warm, relatively calm, and a pleasure to be outside in.

I've sorted my scope. It is now spot-on. Though I do recognize that I will be fine-tuning it over the next month or so.
I've also started to get to grips with my position. I've identified clearly where I was so wrong at Woodend on Sunday; and rediscovered what I was doing when my scores were fairly consistently improving, prior to Woodend.

I've been practicing your advice, Simon, about committing to a course of action, rather than 'having a haphazard plug at a target'. And I can see clearly the point that you make.
I've made some notes of details to discuss with Steve on Sunday, at Castle.

So a productive couple of days.
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