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Default cheating in golf

Is there a game with people involved that somene at sometime has not tried to get that extra from the game ,and the answer has got to be yes there is cheating in every sport.
All I mentioned golf for was if you sign your card you are signing to say its true at the time of signing with your partner present and its easy to see if its been allterd after that because it wont be signed by the marshall in the UKAHFT.
How many times did the UKAHFT alter a card on Sundays shoot and mark it down ??
If the answer to that is one or more then I think that the method of signing a card by the shooter himself would lower that number .
It must be very disstressing for the U KAHFT to have to tell people they have deducted their score when the said people dont know what they are on about .
Anyway all the best and we will see you all at Emely .
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