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Default Halifax Airgun Club

Hi guys

I'm John the owner of Halifax Airgun Club.

Thanks Adam for the feedback on the club, but I would like to make a few points that I feel are relevant to prospective visitors.

Although we are called Halifax Airgun Club its a bit misleading as we are not really a club, we are an indoor airgun shooting facility. This said we occupy 2 floors of a large mill which have been kitted out for fun as well as serious target shooting.

Upstairs we have 2 lanes of 31m (to the back wall) and 5 lanes of 37m. Here are all manner of knockdown, resetting, hanging, spinning, moving targets, with more being added all the time. There are 2 electric fan heaters which can be used if needed. There is a movable "zeroing" board with a roll over paper target, this can be positioned at whatever distance you like to zero your gun. It's never been done but there's no stopping you lying down under the bench if you have your own mat and wish to do so. 2 of these lanes have removable extension pieces for those who wish an "L" shape bench.

Downstairs we have 5 lanes of 10m hand cranked Gehmann targets, used by many for rifle shooting or pistol shooting.

We have snack machines, a pool table, soon to have a BB range for the kids, we do basic gun servicing and have started hydrodipping gun stocks. There is a large gas heater on this floor to heat these lanes.

Originally the club was hopefully going to cater for the airgunning fraternity who didn't really have any where to go with their guns. This is now far from the truth. We now mainly get people through the door who have never shot an air rifle before, we get families coming, we get a lot of lads and dads coming and we are now getting enquiries from organisations such as scouts and boys brigades.

Obviously with a building of this type comes a significant cost, with rent, insurances, electric, broadband, telephones, the 5 per hour pay as you go with no membership fee has to pay these overheads. We have many people coming who shoot at other clubs such as Pontefract or Guisley, yes they are cheaper alternatives but everyone who has been here has been impressed with the facilities and in 9 weeks of being open we have had 180 registration forms filled out with most of these people coming back regularly. We are open Monday - Friday 5.30pm - 10pm, Sat - Sun 10am - 6pm.
In terms of value for money, how many pints can you have in an hour or how much is it to go swimming or go to the pictures? we are giving many people an experience which isn't readily available at a reasonable cost. For those who want to go and solely shoot FT or HFT then this isn't the place but if you want to zero 2 or 3 guns at 30m indoors with no wind ready for an FT shoot, then it is, all for a fiver, invaluable.

I'd say to the people thinking about coming, it's free to have a look, if you don't like what you see or you think 5 is too much for an hours shooting then you'd be in the minority but it's your choice at the end of the day, but I would say we're worth a look out of curiosity.

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