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Having a quick look at the NEFTA scores this Winter the springers only got to within 3 points ( I presume it's out of 30 shots ? ) once out of the 8 shoots so far. It's more like 4 or 5 behind.

Looking at the Midlands this Winter the best 6 total targets seems to be 226/240 top pcp vs 187/240 top springer. That's 94.16% of targets vs 77.91%. So the springer is 16% down.

At the Worlds in Germany top PCP was 142/150. Top springer 120/150. So 22 down over 3x50. So average 7.33 down over 50 shots. So 94.66% vs 80% over the 3 days so 14.66% down.

I suppose it's difficult because with all respect there's nothing to say that if the top springer shooter shot a top end pcp that they would increase their score to equal the top pcp shooters. Similarly some top pcp shooters are also decent springer shooters and may only drop a few points if using springer. I suppose other top pcp guys would struggle shooting springer.

One thing that I noticed with my own shooting and I've generally seen it with other shooters re pcp/spring. I have to be right on top of my game shooting the springer. If I have an off day the score really plummits a long way. If I have a bad day with a pcp I drop a few points but it's no where near as dramatic ( shooting HFT ).

For example looking at the 8 rounds of the Midlands this Winter ... 2 very good springer shooters ranged between 43%/95% and 54%/87% ( given top score on day 100% ). Top pcp shooter is 83%/100% ( and that 83 is probably low because one shooter that day outshot everyone by a few points to take 100% and drop everyone else's % down ).

The top 2 in NEFTA springers seem to be consistent for springer shooters and Bri particularly so.

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