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SWEFTA has separate classes for springers in both FT and HFT. As the numbers aren't huge, there is no grading system for springers whereas the PCP brigade are graded, four grades in FT and two grades in HFT.

Typically on our HFT courses, the springer scores are a little bit behind the PCP scores but not by a lot. In the club championship tables, springer scores are enhanced by one point for every ten targets (or part thereof) to give some level of parity with the PCPs.

Example, imagine I shoot a HFT course with a spring gun and my buddy shoots a PCP. The course is 30 targets long. My buddy scores 54 ex 60. I shoot 50 ex 60. My score is uplifted by 3 points ( as there are three lots of ten targets in 30) and my gross score for the purposes of the club team comp is 53. This helps to give clubs that predominantly have spring gun shooters a better chance of the team award.
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