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The gent in the pic with the blue pad has the position perfectly except his left hand should be gripping his right arm . only part that grips is the trigger finger . allowing the rifle to recoil as it wishes . the only pulse in this , is in the crook of the arm , thus you need either a pad on the arm or a thick coat to stop it . in days gone by shooters were more adventures i think . you would meet , bull pups , pump ups , pcps .springers , sliders and every thing inbetween . the shooters did not have the money for more than one outfit . so they knew them well and could shoot damm well with it . like to see that come back , after all we are not all built the same . this i think is the result of harder and harder courses being put out . everybody is looking for a wonder gun . the only bloke who has got one is JACK . he wonders where that shot went and that one and that one . ( sorry about that jack ) ??? HOLLY
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