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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Hoi Yoeri, i have only heard of the BSA barrels being used and know of 2 personally. One was verygood and the other was no better than the standard Steyr barrel, in fact maybe not as good. I would suspect that the CZ barrel (maybe from th S200) would be good but judging by the groups i get as standard i'm not sure what you want to achieve.

As far as i'm aware only the original LG100 barley twist barrels were hammer forged and i own one alongside another LG100 with a non barley twist. There is nothing between the groups.

Are you having grouping issues or just curious?
Yes I have grouping issues. I have used my LG110 for a year and no problem. But then at a moment I went bad. Wen I clean the barrel it will shoot perfect for 5to 8 shots, and then it will go bad again so bad that the grouping will increase to 40mm at 50m. When I clean the barrel again==> a couple of shots perfect and then go bad again. When I told this to a other shooter he had the same problem he found that te nickel inside the barrel was loosening and when he cleaned it it went wel until a other peace of nickel loosened again.

Now I decided to convert my LG110 to a bullpup, therefore I also want a longer barrel.

Trying to hit 2 in the same time==> I want a new barrel 60cm long.

greetings Yoeri
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