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Originally Posted by Yoeri_B View Post

I'm looking for some advice. I want a 60mm in length barrel for my steyr. I would prefer a cold hammer forged barrel. I know about the BSA, some are happy about them others are not. I was woundering if the weihrauch barrels are cold hammer forged? And what about CZ barrels, ho has tryed them or what can you tell me about the barrels, maybe you got a other barrel you like to recommend.

Kind regards
Hoi Yoeri, i have only heard of the BSA barrels being used and know of 2 personally. One was verygood and the other was no better than the standard Steyr barrel, in fact maybe not as good. I would suspect that the CZ barrel (maybe from th S200) would be good but judging by the groups i get as standard i'm not sure what you want to achieve.

As far as i'm aware only the original LG100 barley twist barrels were hammer forged and i own one alongside another LG100 with a non barley twist. There is nothing between the groups.

Are you having grouping issues or just curious?
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