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That's why i don't like to replace the bearings on other peoples rifles. The bearing is loctited into place with hi strength loctite 648 (Green) and needs to be heated to quite a high level before the adhesion breaks down. There's a 50/50 chance of the allen key snapping. The older bearing has a torx (star) head but the newer are a small allen key head. When i replaced my own roller bearing i decided not to loctite into place and it's been fine for 3 years.

Just for extra info...

At xmas i stripped my second Steyr to experiment with lapped and highly polished hammer/firing valve springs and a highly polished hammer and adjuster screw (inside where the hammer spring end sits). The end result is a tighter spread on the chrono and tighter long range grouping (55 yards). With little wind one 5 shot group was only 10mm CtoC....average being 15 to 20mm CtoC. It does take the rifle a hundred shots or so to really bed in.
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