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Originally Posted by azuaro View Post
Hello Holly:

While I am not so sure about the lever really wearing out to the point where it needs to be replaced, just consider that a new cocking lever costs 9 EUR and this is good insurance just for the sake of not having to disassemble the gun one more time

For removing the bearing you will need a 2 mm key and most likely will have to warm up the area around it because Steyr uses hi strength glue.

Use this kind of glue when installing the new bearing.



In america things are cheaper . over here most everything is dearer . yes i warmed the bearing up , made sure i had the right allen key and it rounded off . needed drilling out , easy enough . just one short tap with a pillar drill and out it came . should get the new cocking lever tomorrow , will line em up together ??? HOLLY

You will do OK and will be back in business in no time !

PS. Yours is a LG 100, am I right?
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