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Originally Posted by mjolnir30 View Post
Ok,thank you.
So it is not matter if it looks like to me that reticle is leaned,it is important that buble level is ok.

TRACKING of windage and elevation are the key issues...You want tracking to be vertical and horizontal and not at any other angle...Of course tracking (reticle) and rifle must both be leveled.

Put your gun in a rest and make sure it is level, then rotate the scope to where the reticle is perfectly parallel to whatever alignment method you are using (rope, leveled horizontal line in a wall, etc.)...

After doing this you will have a leveled rifle and a leveled RETICLE and then the turrets will track 0- 180 degrees for elevation and 90-270 for windage.
Remember: The position of the turrets is not relvant, the position of the reticle definitely is.

If you use an external level, set it up with the rifle and reticle leveled and then follow this external bubble for shooting.



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