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Originally Posted by simona View Post
For our little hobby Id say try to find a place where you can shoot indoors at 25 plus yards and develop a baseline position from which you can shoot very tight groups. The perfect conditions will filter out other influences and allow you to concentrate on the arrangement of your limbs and the adjustment of your gun. Concentrate on finding effortless stability. Take this position outside.

Keep trying and keep thinking.
I had my first evening sitting on a seat bag at Sywell indoor range this evening, instead of at a bench or standing.
The first dozen shots left me thinking 'what is the point?' At 25 yds it requires no great skill or effort to place pellets pretty well on top of each other.
Then I woke up and remembered what Simon had suggested. I wasn't there to try to get 30 pellets into the same hole.
The purpose of the exercise was to find, and consistently assume a comfortable position, by which I could repeatedly put pellet on pellet at 25yds. Not put pellet on pellet, regardless of how it was done, and just for the sake of it.
So the 2nd detail was shot with a lot more care about position, comfort and alignment with the target, so that I wasn't searching for it through the scope. And because I was concentrating upon positional accuracy, the pellets, inevitably, no longer landed accurately.
The 3rd detail was shot attempting to combine the two objectives - with moderate success.
But the fact that it was only moderately successful served to demonstrate just how lacking in co-ordination I am, when considering that the second objective should be the result of the successful application of the first.

It also, significantly, illustrated exactly what Steve spoke to me about on Sunday, at Woodend.
I have a lot to learn. And much practice to do.

So, I'll be back to Sywell on Wednesday ~ & Thursday - in fact I might set up a tent there
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