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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Ok'd by me, any way you want to do it
Cheers Rob

This is my plan then.. I'm still testing it to make sure it's strong enough and will survive a bit of rough treatment but everyone who tried it out on Sunday felt happy that it would be strong enough, I think it will be too but to be on the safe side I've tweaked the design and thickened the hook and the carrier plate. It's still officially in it's prototype / testing phase of development though.

But... If you want one now, you can have one, so long as you're ok to do the dying / painting etc yourself and you're happy to take the risk that it's still in testing.

I'll sort out getting it printed and make sure all the parts fit together perfectly, and supply all the stainless steel nuts and bolts and IKEA style assembly drawings you'll need to put it together (it takes about 15 minutes if you're slow like me). I'm not looking to make a business out of this, so the price is basically cost plus a small percentage to cover the cost of development and help fund future developments.

You can be the proud owner of the 'System Polly Hook' kit from BrIKEA for the introductory price of 120 (plus postage at cost of approx 5.95 UK)

I'm ordering them in batches of 5 and it takes about a week for them to come back from the printers.. the first 5 are spoken for already but as soon as I get the funds in from the first batch I'll order the next batch.

If you want one plonk your name down on the thread and I'll supply them on a first come, first served basis.
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