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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post

I defy any-one to tell me that if you know you have missed 2 targets and I tell you at the end of a shoot that you have scored a 58 you would not even look at the card and just hand it in the the score tent,but what if I marked a one down and changed it to a 2 instantly as I corrected my mistake and never told you as I thought the correction was OK ,your score card would be deducted 1 point for no reason as you yourself did not see that corrected mistake .

So my above proposed rule change would take all the onus off the UKAHFT and put it on to the individual to make sure his card was correct at the time of the completion of the shoot .
If there was a allteration on the card that had then not been signed by the marshall of the day then it must be deemed to have been done after the shoot was finished and his score for that target be given as a ZERO
We have to remember there are two type of alterations on a card,

1) A mistake in marking by your shooting partner who then can't be arsed to own up to this mistake & get it signed by a marshal.

2) Alterations made by the shooter after they have left the course & before they hand their cards in.

We need all shooters to get into the habit of getting any alterations signed by a marshal as they happen & then at the end of the course your partner will sign the card to say they have scored the card & are happy with it.

The onus has & always will be one the individual shooter, it is upto them to ensure that their card is filled in properly, this is easily done by checking it as you score your partner/s.

Any & all altered cards not signed by a marshal will be re-scored appropriately, this doesn't mean any slight mistake but if a"1" has clearly been overwritten with a "2" then the target will be scored as a "1"

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