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The prototype had it's first outing in competition at the Redfearns winter league today, attached to my TX200.

My findings - it worked brilliantly, every position felt much more stable. I nailed all the positionals apart from an inclined standing shot. I was unusually stable on the shot but screwed it up at the last split second when I pulled the shot.

The consensus of opinion was that there's a little bit of flex on the hook but almost everyone said they liked that about it. I've tweaked the design to thicken the hook to remove the flex, but with nylon being a fairly flexible material I think there's probably always going to be a small amount. It seems plenty strong enough though even when I had to rest it on my leg to cock the TX for every shot.

Everything else is rock solid though, the great thing about nylon is that I don't have to torque up the knuckle joints very tight so that they stay put even when a lot of pressure is applied to them. Nothing moved at all when I was pressing the pad against my leg to cock the TX and it's not the easiest springer to cock being a short stroked action.

The other comment I got consistently from everyone was just how comfortable it is in the shoulder and how well the rounded section at the end of the hook works to give a bit of extra stability.

Oh.. the other comment I got from everyone was just how horrible it looks in green and how crap I am at dying nylon with clothes dye

Anyhoo.. that sort of gave me an idea for how best to start selling the hook.. as a kit you finish / paint / dye / dip / whatever yourself. I'm not too bad at driving a computer, clicking a mouse and designing stuff but when it comes to the hands on stuff I'm about on the same level as an untalented 6 year old

Anyhoo.. baring that in mind I've been persuaded to start selling them in kit form much earlier than I was going to..

I'll put a price up and explain my plan once I've ok'd it with Rob.
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