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Default shiny

Q Do i go new or second hand if one comes avalible?
A as long as its shiny it dont matter
Q What finish is the best finish polished or anodized ?
A shiny the kind that magpies go for after all you want them all to know its your RIP
QWhat do i look for in general that would indicate a good second hand action?
A power fps they run about 5 to 10 fps on good pellets look for 1st shot hi or low 2nd the other way should settle after that 1 shot each 10 sec leave for 10 mins if 1st hi or low by say 20 our more the reg needs looking at, see uncle mick
Q Is there any reg issues?
A as above apart from that there so simple a bit like tractors and they shoot in all weather drop about 15 fps in the cold ( for cold think wales )
Q What should i be aware of ?
A they do not shoot like ev2 or walther the triggers are not that good they are like antiques your looking for provenance whats it won is the seller one of the BIG BOYS

Q Good & bad points ?
bad points cleaning the hammer and barrell every 500 to 1000 shots also they flip
good points shiny and they are still the daddy at the club rewarding to shoot and own they look the dogs in the right stock. You know you all want one you will buy one then sell it then realise how good they are and buy another all the big boys got one they all get and shoot other guns and here it is NONE OF THEM ARE FOR SALE I WONDER WHY

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