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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Nothing to do with it Adam. It's simple to travel with firearms in the eu. You just need an EFP. And if you can't get one there are local licenses which can be obtained. That's the big problem for us here in Great Britain. Northern Ireland are sorted. How do you think we drive to Holland, France, Spain? We've had worlds organised in Italy, Germany, Hungary, and each time the host has been able to sort out the paperwork for the entrants. I'm surprised nz can't do this as there seems to be a few hunting companies that say they can sort the firearms paperwork for their clients. I guess it doesn't help when nz change their laws 9 months before the event and secure accommodation for the rifles on the site needs to be sorted either or details of other storage off site published. Understandable that you want to wait for the dust to settle but unless it's made to look easy and ready to roll it just adds to the trepidation.

What actually seems to be the problem is the countries in between for transit that don't allow domestic firearms use without heavy paper work. For most people though they are the cheapest route in.

The day state probably never left the uk. It probably passed the point where it needed to be shipped in transit and couldn't be passed on as it was considered a firearm by a transit country.

I seem to remember flying to Sydney then to Wellington looked like the most 'simple' route. But it wasn't the cheapest.
Missing the point Rob.

NZ law is not interested in the actual firearm/air rifle. Irrespective of whether 12 ft/lbs or 500 ft/lbs. The law probes the suitability of the person wishing to visit with firearms.

That is why you must apply to the Police, who have the access to interpol to check you out, and I personally as a private citizen do not. Neither can the RGB here tell the Police who shall and shall not be deemed suitable to issue a visitor Lic.

The individual person must submit to a Police vetting of their "fit and proper" status. Which rifle you wish to bring in or use once here has no real relevance. Once here and approved you can possess and use ANY firearm. That is the basis of our firearms laws. It is what it is. Before the law change you could fly in with any airgun without batting an eyelid, now not so. Each person has to make contact with Police and make that application via the online website using the online form.
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