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I had an 1989 vintage AR3 which was faultless (and still going strong), a nickel AR5s which I sold due to not getting on with the stock and I now have a 11 year old gloss black AR5s in a CS1000 universal stock.

Due to having lots of guns and little time I seldom shoot this gun but whenever I do I enjoy it. the trigger on mine is superb and the gun is very dead to shoot. It's incredibly accurate and just about impossible to fault, I would be happy to use it in competition, the only advantage offered by my Walther is the stock which I think is perfect for me.

This goes for most guns but I think Ripleys have to be judged as individuals, I know AR4s and 5s had at least 2 types of barrels (tight BSA and Walther), I'm not sure about the 5s. There is variation in the 5s, prior to about 2002 they were hand made, after that they were CNC'd. The later 5s also has a higher breech block which allows a Nikko to go on sportsmatch mounts without riser blocks.

They also come in various lengths and with a number of stocks. If you are happy with the true target style (as per your EV2) you might be better off with a CS1000 rather than a swoopy Wilson or Cane-type stock.

The service that I've known about from Ripley has been good. I have heard that some of the later guns are not quite so well made as the earlier stuff but I don't know how true that is.

They are as accurate as anything else if working correctly.
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