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Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
Any idea on how long it takes to send a gun to NZ and for it to arrive by sea? Anyone know if this is an option if attending the Worlds from UK?
Who would you address it to? Who would organize the IMPORT PERMIT from Police at this end?

You can fly the air rifle in with yourself on any flight. There is red tape here just like everywhere else, when you travel. The sticking point is usually coming out of, or going to EU member countries.

Coming into NZ, one can bring it as long as you have obtained a "visitors Firearms Lic". This acts as the import/export permit and Lic to possess while in NZ. All other red tape is to do with airlines carriage rules and EU travel paperwork.

Usually when I travel, my "checked in" luggage just gets transferred onto next flight and I never physically have to claim it before next booked leg of the journey. If you are stopping over and claiming baggage at any stage that is where your problems will arise as you then have to clear customs in the ploace you are and comply with their laws/regulations.

Freigtht forwarding rifles by sea in a crate was suggested a long time ago, but is very slow. Our shooters in Germany last year sent theirs back home this way as they continued on to tour 3 Air Rifle factories in EU and UK before returning home. We did not offer this option as nobody was interested at the time of asking. Our Steyr/Daystate agents have a tame freight forward company that could handle this, but timing is the greatest hurdle, that and being separated from your competition rifle for some weeks immediately before the Worlds event.

I don't really think shipping by surface would be the best option.
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