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Originally Posted by gwynnegun View Post
I posted a air arms mk.4 to my son in auckland last monday through parcelforce, at a cost of 164.00.He had obtained an fac and permit from n.z. police.Tracking the item showed it went through customs 1 day later flew to n.z.,then came back to the u.K.and back to myself, with a message stuck to the box saying "not to be flown! Apparently it can only go by sea(even though it flew there and back.)Democracy gone mad or what?
Got nothing to do with Democracy. The EU "convention" on small arms trafficking is the cause....member Countries have had to "ratify" it in their domestic legislation, hence the unwelcome changes to our world leading arms laws.

It was probably the fact that an IMPORT PERMIT is required to bring in any airgun now, which must be obtained from Police; as well as the person holding a FAL thrmselves, and presented to customs. Stuff is flown in from the States all the time. Maybe its just suspect coming from UK? Dodgy fellas those UK inhabitants.
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