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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Been doing some barrel cleaning experiments of late and have noticed that by sizing the pull through patch and oil changes including pull direction, it significantly effects the group sizes.

Using Napier pull through / cleaning cloth I currently cut the patches at 52mm x against thickness of strip use a small amount of Napier lube pulling the patch from breech to stripper it will group around 40mm diameter at 55 yards.

This was causing me concern so hence the trial

I then reduced the patch to 51mm and using a mixture of pure olive oil and LT1 mixed at a ratio of 70/30 but this time pulling from stripper to barrel it vastly improves group sizes down to roughly one hole at 55 yards.

Unsure if it's the 1mm of tolerance difference on the patch ?

The olive oil & LT1 combo mix ?

Or the patch traveling on a different axis down the rifling ?

Any one else tried this kind of testing ?

The real test would come from using different grades of olive oil. Perhaps also try sunflower. Best not to use oils that have been used previously for frying fish - the scraps could act as an abrasive. Suppose you could always filter first.
Just some ideas.
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