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Default Up date.

Evening all you Midland FT`s.

Just a few updates from Woodend.

First, the good bit, a full catering service will be provided from 8 a.m in the morning. So NJR100 will be happy.

The course has been set down the bottom end of the complex where a Winter League round as never been set before. Its over weight person friendly due to the fact that every shot is down hill in some way or another. Once again NJR100 will be happy. It is also a very long firing line. Best described as in four sections with change of angle on all shots. Something for every level of shooter. However, I`m thinking even `Big hitter Ozzy` will struggle clearing this course. All looks good and in my opinion the best course Woodend have set.

The bad bit, I`ve got the a.m marshals in place. Myself, Jim Nee and Alan Jackson.
The course is so long that three marshals are needed to cover it. Up to now no one is down to cover p.m.
Question, is their no one hanging around after shooting morning that can marshal? The terrain is too steep for StrokeBloke to be safe so I have turned down his kind offer. Any offers? Mr Fish you could help? Anyone?

Post if you can marshal p.m please.

Plenty of parking but watch your footing as it is also a dog kennels (if you get my meaning)

Briefing 8.45 a.m shoots starts at 9.00 a.m prompt.

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