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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
That's the point I guess Bri, if you adopt a defined position (or attempt a variation of it) within a freestyle lane does the need to comply with the definition of the positional you've elected to use take precedence over the fact the lane is freestyle? I hadn't considered the implications of prone being defined, good point.
For me the sensible thing would be if it's freestyle then the kneeling definition shouldn't matter, the other thing to consider is if someone should happen to take a photo of you shooting in an illegal kneeling position, it won't be obvious to people looking at the photo that you were actually on a freestyle lane. Then you either get rumours flying around behind your back that you cheat on kneeling lanes or someone looks at it and decides to copy your position on a kneeling lane.

Probably best to avoid it if you can to save all the agro. Just sit down like everyone else does?
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