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Default FT Freestyle lanes

Something occurred to me the other day and I'm not sure if my interpretation is correct. Before answering please consider the following

The question relates to FT
The question relates exclusively to lanes designated as freestyle (i.e. NOT designated kneeling or standing)
I'm not trying to restart the (boring) debate on new rules relating to the kneeling position, that's an entirely different discussion!
I've read the rules and think the answer is clear, but that's just my opinion. I just need confirmation that my view is correct.

The BFTA main shoot rules state;

i. Any shooting position is allowed, but some lanes may be designated as ‘standing’ or ‘kneeling’.

it goes on to say;

Freestyle: Any position that is safe and comfortable to the shooter and does not infringe the rules above.

On a few occasions I've elected to take a sitting (freestyle) shot kneeling, usually because it affords me a better view of both targets and I don't have to spend time moving the bean bag and re-acquiring the 2nd target where the targets are at a large angle to each other. The definition of freestyle allows any position but am I compelled to adopt a 'legal' kneeling position (if I choose to shoot kneeling) or can I use an adaptation. For example could I rest the hamster directly on my knee? Obviously using a tree or post for additional support is not permitted.

Resting the rifle on my knee or using the bean bag for extra support under my ankle or backside (especially in light of the proposed changes) would not give me a stability advantage over the traditional sitting position but would not disadvantage me to the extent that a fully compliant positional stance might especially if the target is further than 45 yards and the ground is uneven at the gate.

Previously I've always adopted a fully compliant kneeling position from habit, but on contemplation I don't think I need to. Is this view correct? I guess the issue is that as soon as someone says 'I'll take this one kneeling' we all switch into the positional head set and forget it's a freestyle lane and it wouldn't surprise me if some shooting partners try and dock points based on the fact you said 'kneeling' and forget that 'any position' is legitimate. I think the rules are very clear, but is this the intent? I'd hate to get docked points at a shoot because I misinterpreted the rules, I need all the x's I can.


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