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Originally Posted by RichWafta View Post
Paid for my flights yesterday, so now committed to entering the Worlds. I won't be able to make my application for a visitors permit until the secure storage details are released as the accomodation I've booked doesn't have facilities. Getting twitchy now, need to get my entry sorted.

This information will not be far away. We are sorting out two options. One currently approved but a little bit removed from the course venue, and one at the course venue that will have to be approved. We can use the former until the latter is sorted, but if the latter can be done quickly I would rather just supply the one address and be done with it.....hence holding off on that information at this stage.

Any club instructor qualifications would be perfect along with a covering letter from the RGB confirming an opinion that the TEAM member is competent and experienced handling air rifles safely. Confirmation that 12 ft/lbs air rifles do not need any type of Licence within the UK in that same letter will suffice to get approval I am told by Police. A brief summary of the shooter's experience, how many years been competing, how many years been member of particular club and EFTA etc etc. Not interested in titles won just experience and competence being displayed in a letter from the RGB. This is a much more sensible approach, and we support the Police in this........but remember the laws treat air rifles as firearms here now so we have to comply with the same red tape.

Police are also trying to get their heads around the new ligislation, and where it pertains to air rifles they are taking a sensible approach. Its not like they are assault rifles or pistols. The World Champs are viewed as a legitimate use and reason to bring the air rifles into NZ. They view anyone competent enough to be selected by EFTA/WAFTA/SARPA and endorsed as a team member to be of sufficient calibre to be adjudged safe and competent. Word the RGB letter in such a way to reflect that information and it will go a long way to making the application process faster and easier for your Worlds participants.

We will also provide an official invitation personalised for each registered participant to include in the application. (Digitally)

At this point, I would probably remark it is overdue time that WFTF members voted to adopt a registration of international competitors so it is a matter of permanent record, much like the BFTA registration system.

"shooter no WXYZ"


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