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Do i go new or second hand if one comes avalible?
Do not think it really matters as they do tend to hold their prices it seems
What finish is the best finish polished or anodized ?
Up to you, mine is a matte version
What do i look for in general that would indicate a good second hand action?
Do not know would suggest you try some at a club
Is there any reg issues?
There has been, mine had a few velocity problems but was sorted by them but it now has a Nick Murphy reg
What should i be aware of ?
Its not for everyone but they have been used to great effect by some top shooters
Good & bad points ?
Weighter than en EV2 but I like that and the bolt is a masterpiece

I might be slightly biased as I own an AR5 (14yrs old) and an AR5s (6yrs old)
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