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Thanks Brian
I perfectly know of good pellet research approach, it is no coincidence if JSB is still at the top of the podium, my original question was somewhat out of curiosity just to know if there could be other interesting alternatives for 50 m shooting.
An example, JSB Exact Heavy is often very good at long distance with a high BC, but it is too heavy for the FT to varying distances, other pellets are very good at short distance, and collapsing past the 42 meters.
JSB Exact and Express are often very good, but not always regular following the series, so I figure that maybe with Crosman, Daystate, H&N, Bisley, etc. there are also good pellet for FT ?
As a good start for searching.
Again this is just as a curiosity or questions that may be asked to us, and as I can try all pellets, the best is to share successful experiences ;-)
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