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Thank you all for help.
Today i go out,i put gun in level(bubble level on gun breach),i look trough scope and put my reticle in line with rope,that is all ok.
But when i look it seems to me that reticle is lean to the one side,is it possible that there is something wrong with my eyes?
Second thing,i shoot at 10 meters and i set the turet for left or right at on value,when i go to 20 meters i must change that value(4 cliks to right),on 30 meters 4 cliks that normal?
And third thing when i shoot without air stripper and with air stripper the pellet go 3 cm down with air stripper.
Is that normal?

The gun in ev2mk4,shoot trough chrono,all ok.

So if you guys can help me.
Thank you.
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