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Originally Posted by shaun eustace View Post
The above post just reads " Woah is me" and will not be met with any sympathy.....
A few good points made in your post Shaun but that statement confused me?

I presume you meant to use the phrase "Woe is me" meaning one who is surrounded with sadness and misfortune?

I can only think that "Woah" is a different spelling of "Whoa" which is a commonly used term usually related to a request to slow down, and often an expression shouted at an out of control high speed horse. Commonly used in Wild West movies where our hero rides up to, and jumps onto, the leading horse of a team of horses that are runnning out of control, dragging our, usually very attractive, leading lady inside a stagecoach across the plains at great speed. He will pull on the reins and shouts in a manly voice ... "Whoooooooooaaaaah" and the situation, and our leading lady, is saved.

So unless Bluey is thinking of galloping out of control, rifle in hand, through a woodland HFT course, slapping his thigh and shouting " Yeeeeaahh Shoot them pesky varmints " ... not to be recommended by anyone with or without Bluey's impaired vision, and almost certainly in violation of health and safety issues ... then your term is probably inappropriate.

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