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Originally Posted by All That Remains View Post
What happens if you get to the end of the course and when you check the score card notice that your shooting partner/s has made an alteration further back on the course, but you had not noticed until the end, can a marshall approve the change?


That's a difficult one, we need people to get any alterations signed by a marshal as they happen. Most alterations are just people not concentrating on filling in the cards correctly but we have had cases of people altering their own scorecards during & after shooting. Each shooter in a group should be doing their share of scoring so it is their responsibility to ensure that their scorecard has been marked correctly.

The problem with allowing people to get alterations signed at the end of a shoot is someone could alter a "1" on an early target & by the end of the course their shooting partners might not be able to remember if they hit it, are their shooting partners going to be able to remember that they missed 9 targets & not 10 targets or even be willing to say to a marshal that they are unsure ?

So the only answer I can give Janine is we will not generally allow shooters to get earlier alterations made at the end of the shoot but if all the shooting group find either Pete Sparkes or myself we will take each case on it's own merits, we will however be closely monitoring these alterations & once handed in the scorecard will be judged as it stands.
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