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We do sympathise with people with different conditions but we canít always change things to suit.
The one thing UKAHFT will do is listen but we wonít just change something for the sake of it without testing it first and it does come across that you want UKAHFT and clubs to change now, well sorry this is not going to happen without thorough testing first.

You still have not said what club you shoot at and have you approached them to try these things as although it may benefit you, it may also hinder 90% of the shooters, as I think it has been mentioned before, luminous/fluorescent paint may course major glare issues in bright sunlight etc plus how much paint comes off when shot as we have seen in the past with certain paints that after a few hits most of the paint comes off and you are just left with the metal.

There is most likely some paint out there that would be ideal, but it wonít be cheap or practical as it would be slow drying paint which is no good when you want to respray for the next session.
You donít seem to be responding to the requests that people are replying to you, when they suggest other options, i.e. bright target numbers etc.

I quote you here ď Its obvious that this sport and those people with visual issues are not perceived compatible. And from some of the replies, seen as an unwanted issueĒ
Iím not being funny but any shooting sport with a scope etc is not ideal for anyone who is visually impared as they are sports/hobbies that use optics.

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