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Please take all my comments as constructive.

You mentioned yourself that most people, with healthy eyes, take all aspects of their vision for granted. They, as you say, will think that you can either see or you need glasses to see or you can't see. Mention to most that someone has a vision issue that means they can't drive and they are saying that they can't see targets and I'm afraid the natural reaction will be ... well that sport isn't for them. You live with this so you know exactly what you can and can't do. To be fair fella, you didn't really give a lot of detail about how your vision causes problems up until your last post.

I sincerely believe that you haven't done this for sympathy and you sincerely believe that any change won't just help you but many others. With all the respect in the world I do feel you could have done it slightly differently. Throughout the thread you seem to be only interested in one outcome ... the UKAHFT change the paint so all affilliated clubs have to do so. That's a lot of clubs and thousands of shooters around the world. I'm not saying it couldn't be done at that level and it may be an advantage to many shooters.

To be fair to UKAHFT the first response you got from them was from Pete Dutton who asked you to trial it at your club and feed back to him.

I honestly believe this would have been your best approach from the start. Maybe contacting Sparky/Dutt and mentioning that you have a sight issue and you feel others may have similar problems, and that you would try and do some trials at your local club and feed back to them. You could then have approached your local club, maybe with a backing note from UKAHFT saying that they were interested in the outcome of any trials to try and accommodate as much as possible any visually impaired UKAHFT shooters.

It appears that people from your local club have posted on here and said that they will talk to you and try and sort something out. So you could speak to them and try various things out, including some suggestions on here ...

Different paint ( incl. costs and ease of use etc )
Large bright boards behind or next to target ( with numbers on )
Maybe allowed to use a lamp to give more light in dull situations
Shooting last in a group to give more time to view targets ( especially when falling down and being reset )
etc etc

You could have trialled these at your local club and then reported back to UKAHFT. You may have found that it didn't really help, or was too costly, or upset other shooters etc. You may have found that it helped you and others and had no negative affect on other shooters and cost and ease of use were no problem. You would then have been in a good position to ask UKAHFT to consider it as it would mean you and others would be able to attend Nationals and Worlds etc. You could get others from your club to add positive comments to a report that you gave to UKAHFT. UKAHFT may have then asked a large club like Quarry or Rivi to trial it.

It's easy for me to make these comments and you are probably feeling a lot of frustration and anger about your condition at the moment, and understandably so, so it's easy to see how you have become stuck on one train of thought and can't see why others aren't seeing it your way.

It's not too late to go down that route fella. I do sympathise as my own sight issues have been one of the reasons why I have had to look elsewhere other than HFT which I have loved and shot since it first started. I'm lucky I can still shoot it, just not like I used to or with the same enjoyment.

I sincerely wish you well. Please speak to your local lads and see what you can do together to try and help you. I'm sure there are no bridges burned here matey. Internet comments can seem harsh without feeling but I'm sure all the guys who have posted and read the thread would love to help you, and others, any way they could.

Take care


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