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Well, I've finally had the print back - there was a bit of a delay at the printers, I guess it might have been them catching up after the Christmas break.


WOW... it's fecking awesome!!..

The quality is even better than I was expecting and everything fits together absolutely perfectly! We're talking sub 25 micron accuracy on this thing.. it's bloody awesome!

Here's some photos of the real thing - basically, just taken out of the box fresh from the printers and bolted it all together. I've since had a little play with smoothing bits of it with some sand paper and it comes up really well after some light sanding, there were one or two slightly rough edges straight from the box.

Next step is to dye it (green) and give it a coat of lacquer then fit it to the TX ready for Redfearns on Sunday.

The even better news is that it's not even as thick as my existing hook so I don't need to chop anything off the stock to fit it and it's pretty light - 247g in total including carrier plate. I haven't weighed a Gemini but I'm guessing it's a fair bit lighter.

On the strength side of things it seems really good, I think I'm going to add 2mm to the depth so I can increase the thickness of the base bar and I might increase the thickness of the hook bar too. There's a little bit of flex in it.. I still think it's strong enough, but a bit more strength couldn't hurt.

In terms of fit and adjustability though it's bang on!. I think I pretty much got the design right on my first attempt!, but I'll know for sure once I've shot a couple of winter leagues with it and everyone's had a play.
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