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Thanks for the reply Pete. I would not want to jeopardize my safety let alone anyone else's safety, and if I ever thought I was I would hang up my rifles and take up tiddlywinks. There is a massive difference between not seeing safely walking round a wood (to which I would deem unsafe) and adjusting to contrast when trying to focus on an individual point. Everything we do uses differing parts of your eyes vision, something many people don't realise, until they have vision issues. I can happily walk down the street, go into shops, read books etc... but if a price ticket was on a shelf in a shadow I would struggle to read it, but move it into the light and its as clear as anything. No I cant drive because of my width of field vision, but I can read a number plate beyond the minimum distance. Am I blind NO (and being blind also doesn't mean you have no vision), am I sight impaired/partially sighted YES. Peoples perception is because I'm registered sight impaired/partially sighted I automatically cant see well enough to do things.

I was planning on shooting the WHFTA this year and asking if I could be paired with a list of people who I would have asked if they minded assisting me if needed but it is clear that I will not be able to.
As for not shooting the UKs the reason is due to this question being raised in the first place.

I appreciate you cant please everyone all the time.
As for the responses to this thread I feel disappointed to think some people have such blinkered views (well id expect little else from some of them to be honest ), its mostly down to a lack of knowledge about visual issues, and its not your fault as its not something many people think about.

So it boils down to: Could the face plates be painted in a luminous/dayglo yellow with a black kill zone?
to enable myself and other sight impaired people to participate in the UKAHFT competitions.

The obvious answer is, YES they can, its not a difficult thing to do, but clearly too many people are against it.
Unfortunately its not practical for individual clubs to facilitate. I'm would hope a few clubs might try it out on some events, and if they do a massive well done, if you do please let me know and I'll try and come down with a few friends.

Its obvious that this sport and those people with visual issues are not perceived compatible. And from some of the replies, seen as an unwanted issue.

Looks like its just another thing I am set to loose, along side my vision, independence, well being and mobility, the sport I have loved for several years and the friends I have made.
I so hope you all, and I man all, don't ever need some help with something later in life and are met with this kind of response.

I would like to thank the UKAHFT and the many clubs I have shot at all the best. And to the majority of shooters that I have met thanks for the banter and laughs.

On a final note:
I hope that in time to come, you look back on this thread and realise that an opportunity was missed.

Oh and to those that don't like the "discrimination word", discrimination can be totally unrecognised
due to not realising an issue, but it can also be a lack of willing action to help solve a problem. Discrimination is not just about unfair treatment, its also down to recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.

All the best
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