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It's a target discipline and it's origins are that if simulated targets that you often hunt!
When I first started UKAHFT the rules were condensed and simple. In fact they could have fitted on Spsrky's *** packet (if he bought some I suppose)

But now there's pages of them, it's almost had the life to an extent sucked out of it, mostly through wingers and pisstakers.

By spraying in dayglo colours you'd actually be giving non-visually impaired an even greater advantage.
But still think that once a plate is chipped, it's of no relevance what colour you started out with, if your vision is that impaired then I would have concerns being in the same post code let alone a wood / field. Now if it's just to make clarity of identifying easier then I stand by my comments, it gives non impaired shooters an advantage. We all have to admit defeat sometimes no matter how hard it pains us.

If you had a powder burner and declared this impairment to your licensing department, would they still grant you permission to shoot outdoors?? I fear that a condition would be imposed or possibly even revoked...

My thoughts, my opinions and not a dog but just done common sense...

*** me next someone will want a risk assessment carried out before each pellet is loaded :-)


Kenny W

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