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i must admit im really shocked at the responses on this thread..

it was a simple question which a fair few people sympathised with.. yet some people immediately went on the offensive.. there united answer... give up..

seriously im amazed at the attitude of some people, its not an unreasonable request..
if anything it would open this sport to more people, surely more people is a good thing..

though i would ask if these people follow there own statements in life..

if you found it difficult to breath would you ask your doctor for help ?
clearly the attitude of just give up means that you should simply stop breathing.. rather than ask for help ?

i completely understand the health & safety concerns from pete, but surely that concern is negated by the person shooting with anyone with a vision impairment

on another angle, how do we know who has a vision problem unless they step forward, surely stepping up and saying "i have difficulty" is a good thing, that way we as a shooting community can step up and help..
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