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Originally Posted by cliveo View Post
i had my first cataract op in august and my second done in December, bloody fantastic result
i'm 48, at least twenty years too early for them my consultant says i now have the eyes of a six year old, other body parts on request
My wife says I have a p3nis of a 6 year old. Is that a good thing?


I didn't mean just colour tinted specs matey. I mean the glasses that enhance the light and contrast. On a really dull grey day you put these on and it looks like a bright Summer's day. They are really amazing.

It's really very very difficult when it comes to people's health problems and sports. We've discussed things before like wheelchair users. In this case if it's as simple as changing the type of paint to accomodate many shooters that have visual problems then that doesn't seem too much to ask. Will the new paint cause glare issues through the scope for other shooters? Will the repainting take too long? Small targets like lollipops ... what do you do when the paint is shot off these?

Would something as simple as get special permission to shoot last in a group because of your health issue. Sounds like you are shooting more for fun rather than winning anything. So rather than you being first up on some targets and searching around for targets ... you go last and at least you'll get to see the target drop if your partner(s) knock it down. That may give you reference points re trees/branches etc that may help you get on the target easier. I personally only think going first is a disadvantage for the first few 'fresh' targets anyway. After a few lanes tough targets have so much history anyway. You also never really know if the previous miss was wind or a poor shot so in that instance going first means you have nothing to maybe confuse you. So I don't see a problem in you being allowed to go last so you get a good viewing of the targets.

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