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Its so sad that some people in this sport can not see the question for what it is , and have tried to twist it. But for individuals to tell me to get used to it, you have not even the slightest idea as to why im asking, or even care. To me it seems some folk are only happy if they see there aliases on the screen spouting out waffle.
Yes I am ******, and I promised myself I wouldn't lower myself, but instead of just typing, try engaging your single braincell first, and look at the wider picture. as for stating its part of getting old, I've only just turned 40

IM ASKING IF THE COLOUR COULD BE CHANGED, surely its a fair enough question. Im not asking for a major rewrite of the rules.

Pete I like your idea of trialing the process, and also the numbers. Some people have been very constructive in their replies, However some people are being shown for what they are. Ok so you may not like that last sentence but its a real eye opener into the thoughts of those who you have shot with for years.

Feel free to reply, I just hope that no one has to go through loosing the majority of their vision,

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