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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Following on from previous years Gatherings we will be trialling two new rules for the 2009 Gathering/All comers. These rules may or may not be included in the 2010 UKAHFT rules

1) The top right box on the scorecards will now be used for one of your shooting partners to sign your card. At the end of the shoot you should check your scorecard with your shooting partner/s before getting one of them to sign it, you will still need to get any alterations signed by a marshal as they happen.

2) The kneeling rule is being altered so that the bean bag can now be placed further backwards to support the foot area. The foot must still be upright & sitting on a twisted foot is still not allowed, this should help with the marshalling as we still see quite a few shooters stretching or breaking the current rule. Please note, the front hand must still be unsupported & forward of the knee.
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