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My eyesight is getting worse as i get older and i feel for you terribly!

I think yellow targets are usually easy enough to find for the average eyesight, sometimes they tend to blend in if there are a lot of Autumn colours about or similar.

We use road paint, as do most clubs as it is cheap, occasionally i have had a much brighter yellow delivered by mistake or just different batch.

I will be honest and say i don't like any bright yellows i have used as i get a lot of glare back in my scope, particularly when the target is close.
A minor thing compared with your problem i know but it affects my rangefinding to some degree..

I believe a bright large number would be the way forward..
Not being sarcastic and i'm not sure if it would be allowed let alone work but have you considered a REALLY bright torch for those targets in woodland...something really bright may just help you find the target if your partner wiggles it around on the plate??...would that be legal even??

ATB Mike
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