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Originally Posted by BigBluey View Post
Hi all, its been a while since I've posted due to personal reasons.
I would like to ask a serious question, to which i hopefully get sensible answers.
As a few of you may know I have now been registered as sight impared/partially sighted. I don't need to go into details but would like to carry on shooting but due to my poor vision I can not locate the targets.

The question I would like to ask is:
Could the face plates be painted in a luminous yellow with a black kill zone? Best contrast as stated by RNIB and one I can confirm

Now before people say the base plates can be yellow, well to someone with severe visual problems locating a yellow target is nigh on impossible, especially in the shadows. I'm sure its not just me who struggles, and would make a massive difference.

I really don't want to give up on shooting, but it is at the point I cant locate the target over 30yrds and am lucky enough to have a very understanding shooting buddy who tries to help out. Many a time I am unable to locate the target and so just discharge a shot over the firing line and score 0.

I'm not asking for a lot just a simple change in colour so that those that struggle seeing are not being discriminated against and that everyone has the same chance of seeing the kill as a person with 20:20 vision.
I understand that this request may seem a step to far, to those that have no vision issues, but please give this serious thought and place yourself in a position where you struggle seeing the targets. Its no fun looking at your scorecard seeing 0's just because you cant locate the target. Oh and following the string makes no difference as you loose that about 20yrds in.

Thanks for reading this

There is a case to put that as eyesight deteriates,usually as you get older and it is difficult to resolve a target at the best of times, high contrast in targets helps to combat this.(As well as good scopes, but you still have to find the target with just mk 1 eyeball first).The yellow/black contrast as targets are now would seem to be the best compromise,but is there a better color combination available and how would someone with color blindness cope.
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