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Default Re-parallax

First you have to re-parallax the scope so that its max distance is 57 yards
The scope will then come down to 17 yards
Fit a Leupold 50 ft adaptor
the scope will range from

57 to 17 without
14 to 9 with

This will leave you with 2 blind spots
How much of a problem this causes will depend on how high you mount your scope

Mine is about 3 and 1/8 inches

you will have to experiment with and without the adaptor to work out the turret settings for 17 to 14 yards
and you will have to evaluate out of focus amounts with regard to the 9 to 8 yards and work out if you want to use clicks or hold over for this.

With mine it has 40 x 1/8 clicks per 1 revolution of turret and my min to max is 4 complete turns.
I had to fit a magnifier in order to read the correct number of turns which is written on the turret.

This probably doesn't help too much but theres no point in me going into detail of how to do this or that if you feel that 4 full turns of the turret is too much.
However the closer you fit the scope to the barrel the less number of clicks you will have.
There are a lot of factors involved in making your decision.

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