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Around 5 years ago we tried fluorescent green, yellow, red and blue paint for targets. We even used all four, but then the targets looked like a flock of Amazon parrots

We currently use yellow line paint for the target face with matt black for the kill. When we were trialling colours the combination voted for most by club members was the yellow with fluorescent orange kill but we had to revert to black as UKAHFT rules require.
Unfortunately there is no way everyone will be catered for and the current set up with black kills and yellow or white faceplates is a good compromise. It's impossible to pick a colour that would be suitable for all, as some are most likely colour blind as well as having poor eyesight.(and they're let to have guns )

I can sympathise with the people with poor eyesight as I shot for a couple of years with cataracts I didn't know I had I'm now only half blind as one eye has had the Op

As an aside the fluorescent paint we used had to be shaken for 3 days before use and then took around half a tin per target to be any use.

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