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Thank you Simon. Particularly for the second half.
I do have the facility to shoot 25yds indoors at Sywell. As well as belonging to the FT section, I also belong to the indoor target club. It is predominantly populated by small and full bore shooters, but air rifles are well received too. And I have recently negotiated, with the club secretary, the acceptability of my shooting from a seated position, upon a seat bag, instead of from the bench, which is the norm. The benches are hinged - so will not impede any assumed position within that lane.

The advice to 'commit' [to continue your marriage theme] for better, for worse, has been impressed upon me by Steve and one or two others. And at the moment, for me, the primary issue is getting it right and learning correctly, rather than merely knocking targets over. Satisfying though that may be.
I am still sufficiently flexible to learning that the only things I am resistant to is obviously poor advice.
So it is no effort for me to try something new - discuss it with Steve - see if it works for me, or not.

And what is alarmingly apparent to me, at the moment, is that though I have committed in my mind to 'a routine', so often I am aware of not following 'my routine' when I'm sitting at a lane, in a comp.
I do need to gain control of my mind when I sit down. I have a quite unnecessary mind-set which says that I have to 'try-to-emulate-others'. Instead of just doing my best and enjoying myself.
My head and my expectations are something of a tangle at the moment, but I'm sure that they will unravel, as time goes by and confidence in myself increases.
There's much still to be done, but I'm enjoying the learning.

Holly - your birthday celebratory consumption is distorting your perception. Of course MFTA are the tops.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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